shani dev

“Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah.”

ShaniDev is one of the most important planet ruling over the horoscopes of people.Shani refers to planet Saturn, and is one of the 9 planets known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology and  mythology .

In Hindu astrology Shani is a planet . And one of the most important planet in the horoscope . According to Surya Siddhanta and Siddhanta Shiromani Saturn compleats its orbit in 10,765 days, 18 hours, 33 minutes, 13.6 seconds and 10,765 days, 19 hours, 33 minutes, 56.5 seconds . And the 20th century calculations Saturn to complete its orbit in 10,759 days, 5 hours, 16 minutes, 32.2 seconds .

In Hindu mythology he is a god . son of suriya (The Sun God) and his second wife chaya (The Godes of Shade) . His Siblings are Yamraj , Yamuna , Bhadra and karna .His wife is Dhamini. His mount is Crow .He is the devotee of Lord Shiva . Day related to him or auspicious for his divosion is Saturday . He is Karmaphal Daata (The divine judge of deeds) .

 Shani Dev Mantra in English Dialect :
Nilanjana Samabhasam Ravi Putram Yamagrajam

Chaya Martanda Sambhutam Tam Namami Shanescharam .

–  This is the Vyas Vicharita Mantra of Shani Dev.

Meaning of Mantra in English Transliteration :

I bow down to Lord Shani Dev who is effulgent as that of a blue mountain. He is the son of Lord Surya (sun god) and the brother of Yama (god of death). He is born to Chaya and Martanda (another name of sun god).

Shani Gayatri Mantra in English :

“Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae
khadga hastaaya dheemahi
tanno mandah prachodayaat”

Meaning of Gayatri  Mantra English Transliteration:

‘Om, Let me meditate on him who has crow in his flag, Oh, He who has a sword in his hand, give me higher intellect, And let Saneeswara illuminate my mind.’


Shani Moola Mantra in English :

“Om Sham Shanaiscaryaye Namah.”


‘SaIutation to the dark Lord of Shanivara.’

Shani beeja mantra :

Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah


‘Ode to Lord Shani to be in my favour and calm my senses.’

Shani Stotra:

” Namaste Konsanstahcha Pingalaya Namostu te |
Namaste Bhabrurupaya Krushnaya Cha Namostu te ||

Namaste Roudradehaya Namaste Chantkay Cha|
Namaste Yamasadnyaya Namaste Souraye Vibho ||

Namaste Manadasadnyaya Saneshchara Namostu te |
Prasada Kuru Devesha Dinasya Pranatasya Cha ||

Koshasthayya Pingalo Babhrurukrishno Roudoye Nantko Yamaha |
Sauriya Shaneshcharo Mandaha Pipladena Sansthutaha ||

Etaani Dasha Namami Prataruttha Ya Ye Patetha |
Shaneshchrayakruta Peeda Na Kadachitabhavishyati || ”

Process to chant Shani Beej Mantraand Other Shani Mantras :

  • Start on a Saturday by taking a bath and wearing clean clothes.

  • Wear a black cloth if possible while you pray to the Lord.

  • Fast on Saturdays and eat sattvic diets.

  • Give alms to the poor and needy, esp black clothes.

  • Refrain from alcohol.

  • Say the Shani mantra – a minimum of 108 times or one rosary.

    6 Ways You Can Appease Lord Shani Dev

      • Start by becoming spiritual and righteous in your acts and decisions.

      • Lead a sattvic life and stay away from alcohol and addictions completely.

      • Become disciplined in life.

      • Stop eating meat and being cruel to any other beings.

      • Always try to help the poor and the not so fortunate around you.

      • Chant the Shani beej mantra and offer Mustard oil to Shani Deva on Saturdays.

      • If you do not have a Shani temple near your home – then offering Mustard oil on a Peepal tree will also help.

      • Fast on every Saturday